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Weaving fails with NullReference

I tested SheepAspect, and it worked fine. Now I wanted to port it into my new Application. I installed the NuGET, added my Aspect with the corresponding Cutpoints and compiled. NullReference Except...

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How to exclude the delegate and abstract methods

Hi , I am facing the compilation error (object reference not set to instance of the object ) when i use the method point cut for the Abstract class which is having the delegate and abstract method...

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Working with signed assemblies

Hi Hendry, Excellent job indeed. But I tried to use this with signed assemblies without succeeds. First I tried to installed the package into a signed configured project and then I got the error...

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SheepAspect and Windows Azure Error

Hello, I'm trying to use sheepaspect in windows azure Everything work well localy, but when i'm trying to deploy it in Azure i have this error : C:\a\src\packages\SheepAspect.\Tools\She...

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Using SheepAspect on a DLL removes line numbers from exception stack traces.

I am using SheepAspect on a ORM project to inject property change events into object setters, and its working great. However, it makes debugging xUnit tests somewhat difficult because I can no long...

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Criteria InheritsType and Implements Error

hi i want to use this two Criteria : InheritsType and Implements but when i use each of them compiler sent an error: [SelectTypes("Implements:'*INotifyPropertyChanged'")] public void VMs() { } Er...

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PostCompileWeaveTask not found

Hello, When I build the SheepAOP.Samples, it couldn't load SheepAop.Tasks. The path is correct. I tried to launch this command line after build : "$(ProjectDir)Libs\SheepAopCompiler.exe" "$(TargetP...

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Fix Mixins with Properties and/or Events

When creating a Mixin with Events or Properties the postcompiler fails with the error "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" (Visual Studio 2012) Example:

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SelectCallMethods with Generics BadImageFormatException

As in the discussion here, When you use SelectCallMethods with Generics, the dll sheep'ed has some invalid stuff in it. IlSpy won't open. Runni...

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TypeInitializationException with generic class

Below you can find the runtime error exception detail. This is when I have a generic class that its method is "sheep'ed", when you try to invoke these method, this exception is thrown. Attached a...

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